Silver Coin Found in Pocket Change

Reverse Showing Mint Mark
World War 2 Silver Nickel

A few days ago, I received a silver coin in my change for a small purchase. I didn’t notice what I had till yesterday. When I opened the console in my SUV, something in the coin holder caught my eye. Later, I looked more closely, and I found a WW2 silver nickel. It’s a 1944-D, to be exact. During the war years, nickel was a strategic metal for war production, more essential than silver. So silver was substituted for nickel in United States 5-cent pieces. They’re easily recognized by the placement of the Mint Mark above the dome of Monticello on the reverse side. I estimate the condition of this coin as Extremely Fine, which puts the value at about $2.00 – not bad for a nickel found in pocket change!

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